Julian Maunder (photo courtesy of Conall McKay)

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Julian Maunder Photo-Portraiture (Aberdeen, UK)

Incorporating Spud'n'Duck Photography, Aberdeen, UK

Commissioned Portraits in Monochrome and Colour

Documentary Portraits 

Performers on Stage in available light a speciality

Presented as high-quality,

framed canvas prints or as portfolios

Prices from £160 for an e-portfolio,

from £220 for framed prints


email julian.maunder@gmail.com

Text 07971 946188 for a prompt return-call

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I would know my shadow and my light, so shall I at last be whole.”  

(Sir Michael Tippett: A Child of Our Time)

An intimate portrait, simply lit and uncluttered, can say more than many run-of-the-mill images.  That is why I take my time.  So can you.  The shot might come almost immediately, or we might need to wait.  We’ll chat, or sit quietly.  The moment will present itself:  It eventually does.  It’s the Old Way of Seeing.

Bring only your Self.  You have everything you need:  

Nature is the model, varied and infinite, which contains all styles.”

(Auguste Rodin)